Hampshire, UK; 4pm BST 17 October 2023 – Audient customers can now enjoy a full licence for impOSCar2 by GForce Software with ARC, Audient’s software bundle.  Further enhancing the benefits available to current Audient and EVO owners who register their products,  the licence lasts forever and the offer is redeemable until 1st January 2024.

impOSCar2 is the successor to the multi-award winning impOSCar software subtractive and additive synthesis synthesizer and a reimagination of the OSCar®. Deemed a treat for those who haven’t yet discovered impOSCar, GForce is confident that those who fell in love with impOSCar the first time around should be prepared to fall in love all over again.

impOSCar2 comes with a 1000+ Patch library featuring sounds creative by original OSCar users including Billy Currie (Ultravox), Darren Price & Rick Smith (Underworld), Paul Hartnol (Orbital) and paul Wiffen  (the original OSCar sound designer and programmer for Stevie Wonder & Jean Michel Jarre).

GForce joins Steinberg Cubase, Arcade by Output, Strymon’s BigSky Plugin, Spitfire Audio, Produce Like A Pro and Sonarworks on Audient’s Creative Hub ARC, providing a comprehensive range of software and offers from some of the industry’s leading innovators.

To make sure you  make the most of this latest offer, click through and register your current Audient product. Full ARC terms and conditions are here.