Meeting the demands of delivering new and immersive digital experiences – from 8k content, cloud gaming, massive live streams and more – requires delivering more content and data faster, with less hardware and power, all at the edge.

The edge computing market will generate $178 billion by 2026, per STL Partners, with edge content delivery contributing to 18% of total addressable revenue.

Shepherding this change is Varnish Software, who will unveil new solutions and showcase the latest technology to optimize every layer of content delivery, from traffic routing and management all the way to how content is stored and accessed, at NAB 2023.

Varnish Software’s solutions provide the fastest, highest quality experience on any infrastructure. At their Booth (West Hall #W3501) they will be demoing:

  • Record-breaking performance benchmarks for throughput and power efficiency
  • A new storage solution for improved performance and resilience at the edge  
  • Enhancements to Varnish Enterprise 6, the industry’s most feature-rich web cache and HTTP accelerator