Testronic, worldwide provider of quality assurance, compliance and localization services to the television and film industry, announces today that the company provided content QC testing services for 23 of the nominated films across 24 categories that will be celebrated at the 80th Golden Globes.

Often referred to as the “golden eyes and ears of Hollywood,” Testronic is known for helping content providers meet the visual, audible, and technical requirements for their projects to succeed and be ready for theatrical or straight-to-streaming release. Using state-of-the-art tools and an expert team of testers, Testronic provided exhaustive content QC services, which were an essential requirement of the post-production process for each of these 23 releases.

The Testronic master QC, and content QC services teams are known across the global media and entertainment industry for their thorough monitoring and exceptional judgment calls when it comes to quality control and quality assurance. They are considered guides in the industry, addressing key QC issues, and delivering exceptional quality masters. In fact, Testronic are often the fresh set of eyes and ears required to help deliver complete compliance regardless of where the final deliverable is heading.

“Our full Master QC of a film or TV show assures content owners and productions that their master is flawless and technically acceptable for any intended distribution  destination whether it’s theatrical release, broadcast, video on demand, streaming or EST,” comments Jason Gish, President of Testronic’s Film & TV division. “Our goal is to support the filmmakers’ vision and creative choices while providing thorough quality control and testing services offering an objective and experienced approach to the final quality of the master. We are honored these talented filmmakers have entrusted us with their content.”

Testronic offers a broad range of quality control, quality assurance, compliance and localization services, including streaming platform and APP testing and QC, content quality control for broadcast, VOD, originals and masters, as well as optical disc QC.

The 80th Golden Globes was held on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, and was broadcast on NBC and Peacock. The full nominee list can be found at: https://www.goldenglobes.com/.