As the new year unfolds, the DPP Business Network, spearheaded by Zixi CEO Gordon Brooks, VP of Product Tim Baldwin, and a cadre of media and entertainment (M&E) experts, is setting the stage for a transformative year ahead. With an unwavering commitment to addressing the evolving needs of their customers, the network convened to deliberate on the most significant trends and themes poised to influence business decisions in 2024.

In an era marked by unprecedented economic and technological upheavals, the need for novel ideas and solutions has never been more critical. The industry’s pivot towards sustainable, cloud-based IP solutions signifies a strategic response to the imperative of doing more with less. Stakeholders eagerly await the release of a comprehensive report in early February, which will detail the broadcast community’s adaptations to these new challenges.

RED5 and Zixi Forge Ahead with Groundbreaking Webinar

A recent webinar hosted by Zixi SVP Business Development and Marketing John Wastcoat, featuring Red5 CEO Chris Allen and Zixi’s Tim Baldwin, illuminated the synergies achieved through the integration of Zixi into the Red5 Pro Server. This collaboration is set to redefine the standards for fast, secure, and interactive video experiences, capable of delivering high-quality streams with end-to-end encryption and auto-scaling capabilities across a multitude of device types and cloud providers.

The integrated solution empowers users with advanced video streaming orchestration tools, bypassing traditional CDN dependencies and enabling auto-scaled clustering on any cloud, whether public or private, online or offline. The promise of supporting millions of streams with sub-500 milliseconds latency opens up a plethora of applications ranging from eSports and broadcast to online gambling and the burgeoning IoT landscape.

Zixi’s Innovative Approach to Dynamic Latency Management

In addressing one of the more technical challenges of video streaming – latency – Zixi introduces its Dynamic Latency solution. This innovation allows for latency to be adjusted dynamically in response to network conditions, ensuring optimal performance even under the most unpredictable circumstances. This development underscores Zixi’s commitment to providing intelligent, adaptable network solutions.

Upcoming Events Spotlight

The Stream TV Growth Summit on February 20th will feature Kevin Parks from Zixi, who will explore the dynamic shifts within the FAST industry and showcase Zixi’s unique solutions tailored to meet these specific challenges. Following closely, the Streaming Media Connect 2024 event on February 24th will host a panel, including Zixi’s Eric Bolten, to discuss the flexible, scalable workflows essential for cloud-based streaming’s success. This panel will highlight the innovations driving today’s most successful cloud streaming workflows.

Highlighting Zixi’s Backbone: Staff Spotlight on Ben Garverick

Zixi’s reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions is in no small part due to its talented team, including standout senior solution architect Ben Garverick. With a fresh perspective and a deep understanding of customer challenges, Ben excels in developing tailored solutions that set Zixi apart in a competitive market. Beyond his professional achievements, Ben’s diverse interests and background contribute to his holistic approach to problem-solving, making him a valuable asset to the Zixi team and a familiar face at industry events.

As Zixi continues to lead the way in M&E innovation, its focus on customer-centric solutions, strategic partnerships, and the cultivation of a dynamic team like Ben Garverick’s ensures its position at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.